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How do I Promote my Business?

You promote your business by giving out promo deals or discounts to your products and/or services. Thousands of our users are constantly browsing our deal listings to look for good promotional deals and we guarantee that they would try your products or services given the right amount of discount you can offer.

To start creating your promo deals, register your business with us now.

How do I Register My Business?

Fill up the form to the right to register your business with us. We will then review your application which usually takes less than 24 hours. Once approved, you will be given access to your business account panel where you can start creating your promo deals or discount coupons.

How do the Promo Deals or Discount Coupons Work?

You create the details of your promo deals or discount coupons in your business account panel then you set the time it would expire. Once it's live, it would show up in our deal listings and users can see them immediately. If a user avails your deal, they would be given a coupon code for them to print. They would then hand this coupon code at your shop or store to get the promo deal or discount you offer.

How do I Get Paid?

CUSTOMERS PAY DIRECTLY TO YOU! We do not handle any monetary transactions in your deal. This allows our users to be more willing in availing your promo deals knowing that they would be paying directly to your shop or store. Also, we don't get any cut on your deals so you can offer the maximum discount to our users.

Can I Limit the Number of Coupons Available for a Deal?

Yes. When creating a deal, you can limit the number of available coupons for it. Each user also has a limit to the number of coupons they can avail depending on the number of previous deals they have redeemed. This way our members cannot avail unlimited amount of deals without using them.

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