FingerTec s-Kadex: Providing fingerprint, face recognition

Free delivery around metro manila for a minimum purchase of Php5,000.00 with bank deposit of 20% downpayment

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Company Name: Uplink Information Systems,Inc. - Fingertec's Authorized Distributor in Philippines
Sales Representative: Judy Ann Cils
Contact Information: 
Phone: 687-7221 loc. 31
Mobile: 0922-8468647
YM account: judyann_uplink 
Skype: Uplink-Judy Ann Cils
Viber: 09362923186
Address: Unit 916 City & Land Mega Plaza ADB ave. Ortigas

Free delivery around metro manila for a minimum purchase of Php5,000.00 with bank deposit of 20% downpayment

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Petite but Packs a Punch
s-Kadex may be small and slim, but it still has enough processing power to ensure quick verification times of less than one second and enough memory to store a whopping 30,000 transactions!
Easy Installation
s-Kadex takes minimal effort to install because of the device’s simplicity, and coupled with its compact size, can be easily placed in any location of your choice.

Completely Stand-alone Device
s-Kadex can be used as a standalone device for simple access management, making it perfect as a cost-effective and absolutely nohassle solution for your small business office or home.
Simple Management & Enrollment
The s-Kadex’s simple outlook is complimented with a simple management system. Just key in your administrator password to start enrolling or deleting data.

Clear-cut Notification of Events
A buzzer and LEDs are built-in in s-Kadex to provide clear audio and visual notifications during any events that may occur at the device.
Value for Money
Mix and match your FingerTec system with the Kadex family to give you more value for your money. The versatile family of readers will ensure the most cost-effective solution for your situation.

Adaptability for Added Security
s-Kadex is compatible with all 12VDC/relay output electromagnetic locks and can also be connected to an NO alarm to provide added security to your space.
Combine Your Verification Methods
To further secure your space, s-Kadex can accept four different combinations of card (either RFID or MiFARE) or password verification methods according to your preference.

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Unit 916 City & Land Mega Plaza ADB ave. Ortigas,, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Pasig City, Metro Manila
Phone: 687-7221 loc. 31