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Do you own a Deal Site?

Why become a partner?

We list your deals in our site and you get more customers. Currently we are receiving more than 500,000 page views a month.

How to partner with

It's really simple, prepare an xml file of your deals then contact us with a link to it. That's it! You can use the contact form below to contact us.

What information should the xml file have?

All information that you can give publicly about your deals. The more information, the better.

Here's an example of an xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
            <deal_id>The deal's ID</deal_id>
            <title>Deal title goes here</title>
            <description>Deal description goes here</description>
            <city>Deal city availability</city>
            <category>Your category of the deal</category>
            <subcategory>Sub-category of deal if present</subcategory>
            <url>Your url of the deal</url>				
            <image>Main image url of the deal</image>
            <merchant>Merchant or business name of the deal</merchant>
            <address>Merchant or business address of the deal</address>

Currently, we list deals in 6 major categories which are: Shopping & Products, Travel & Getaways, Restaurants, Health & Beauty, Learning & Services and Activities so please make sure we can distinguish your categories with ours. We may add sub-categories soon so please add them in the xml file too if it's present. Deals that doesn't fall into any of our categories are listed under Others.

What gets in return?

In return, we would really appreciate it if you link back to us. Any link will do in any of your page.

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